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Getting the data on skills right with IYS Skills Taxonomy

IYS focuses on continuous research on the world of skills, constantly enriches its skills taxonomy and offers them in different forms for others to use it.

We manage skills, you develop applications

To make your HR Tech applications valuable, we offer the Skills Taxonomy in different forms. Whether your application requires users to work with skills og jobs or requires users to add skills to their profiles, these solutions can be very useful.

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Skills API

The API gives you access to the Skills Taxonomy This means that you can call for skills from the Skills Taxonomy, fetch children of these skills, siblings of these skills (skills in the same category) or relatives of these skills (skills that are from the categories that are related to the skill)

The pricing is on per API call basis.

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Skills Profiler Plugin

Rendering the Skills in the frontend for users to select skills can be a tough challenge. We have developed a frontend - the one you saw above that helps you overcome this challenge. Users can easily search, select and rate on skills.

The intuitive frontend leads users to other skills that could be relevant for them based on their activity. The plugin is in JS and can be implemented in most application stacks.

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