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IYS Skills Profiler (Just Pick Tick and Rate your Skills)

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Map skills profile
Skills Profiler - The powerful yet simple tool to map skills

It's Your Skills has developed a comprehensive resource on skills across industries and functions, called the Skills Ontology, and an interface that allows users to pick, tick and rate skills related to jobs and individuals, called the Skills Profiler.

The power of the Skills Ontology and Skills Profiler can be harnessed by application developers in the HR/talent space, through the following five solutions provided by It's Your Skills:

Skills Search Plugin

The Skills Search Plugin gives access to the skills in the Skills Ontology along with an intuitive interface. This plugin lets users search for skills and add them one by one on selecting the suggestions. The selected skills can be mapped to jobs and individuals.

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Skills Profiler Plugin

The Skills Profiler Plugin is an intuitive interface for mapping skills to jobs and individuals. This plugin is also powered by our Skills Ontology. The users search for skills, get related skills and get related categories. This helps the users to easily navigate through the plugin and add skills in a few clicks. The users can also rate the proficiency of each skill.

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Skills with Role Plugin

The Skills with Role Plugin comes with the same kind of unique interface of the Skills Profiler Plugin, but here the mapping of skills is made a lot simpler. The users search for roles and get the skills that are required for the roles, then the user rates the skills, add more skills and remove the ones that they do not need.

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Skills API

The Skills API do not come with an interface. The developer can integrate the API in their applications to search for skills, get related skills and get related categories. The developers can build their own interface for the users to access the APIs.

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We welcome your enquiries, your ideas and your vision of the future of the talentscape

Unique Facets

  • Rating of proficiency levels in skills
  • Customized legends and ratings for different skills
  • Prompts with related skills categories help users pay attention to areas that they may otherwise miss, helping to create a more complete profile
  • Skills Clusters are tailored to functional areas, to try and address the question – what are the related skills we need to know about the person or job to better understand their profile

Technical features

  • The IYS Skills Ontology is maintained in server in the US
  • The Plugins are optimized for both web and mobile
  • The Plugins can be customized for font and color to match your application
  • Secure data transfer through HTTPS
  • Easy tracking of your application's API usage

  • Constantly updated

    The skills landscape keeps changing - IYS tracks new skills that keep emerging and continuously add them to the Skills Ontology

  • Classified

    The skills are well classified in different areas so that a meaningful and complete presentation on one’s skills is possible

  • Contextual Reference

    The Skills Search function allows one to understand in what context a particular skill is being referred to

  • Universal Scale

    While rating proficiencies in skills, either a four point scale or a binary selection is used, while the legends for the scales may vary