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IYS Skills Profiler

IYS Skills Profiler Plugin that can be integrated to applications.

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Skills Profiler makes it easy for users of applications to search, select and rate of skills of jobs or user.

What is this "IYS Skills Profiler"

Skills Profiler is an interface for users to interact with the Skills Ontology in the backend using the Skills Profiler, users can search, select and rate on skills.

Experience the skills profiler below.


for a skill or role or occupational area


Skills from search results, suggestions


Proficiencies in the skills

About IYS Skills Ontology i.e. the Skills database in the backend

Skills Ontology is a large database of skills organized intelligently. Features of the IYS Skills Ontology includes

  • Coverage of Synonyms, Acronyms and Spelling difference in skills terms
  • Wide range of industries and functions are covered
  • Constantly updated using technology and our human intelligence in the skills space
  • Skills are organised intelligently to get insights
  • Contextual reference of terms to derive skills meaning from words
  • Association of skills to roles
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About "IYS Profiler Plugin"

The Skills Profiler is in JavaScript and it is possible to integrate to most tech stacks There are different "modes" or options for using the Skills Profiler, These are explained below.

CSS file is provided and this can be modified by your developers as per the application.

Modes of the Skills Profiler


Purpose: Get users to add skills using normalised term.
Prompt users as they type terms on skills

Search + Recommendations

Purpose: Suggest skills and skills categories based on the search and selection of skills.
Enables users to create a comprehensive skills profile and not just add top of the mind terms

Search + Recommendations + Rating

Purpose: Capture proficiency levels of users on the skills.
Presents a more precise appreciation of the skills profile of individuals and jobs

Use cases of Skills Profiler

Example use case:

  • If you are creating an application or app say on jobs, it would be important to get information on skills in a comprehensive and detailed manner.
  • You can integrate the skills profiler into your application through which your users can add skills to the jobs they want to post in your site or have individuals create their profile adding skills to them.

How can the IYS Skills Profiler be used

  • 1. Register for the IYS Skills Profiler
  • 2. Obtain an API key
  • 3. Integrate the Skills Profiler
  • 4. Make API calls to fetch skills from the Skills Ontology
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Free - 1000 API calls are for free. Experience it & then Subscribe.


The pricing is based on API Calls* and discounted for subscription for larger volumes of API calls.



  • 1000 API Calls

Small User

$100 / mo

  • 4000 API Calls

Medium User

$1,000 / mo

  • 50,000 API Calls

Large User

$10,000 / mo

  • 1,000,000 API Calls

*API calls are when a skill is called from the server.

Pricing FAQ

When one types French in the search box and picks

When Speaking French is selected by user 1 API will be counted

When a particular skill is clicked to rate or give comment for the skill, it is counted as 1 API call In the example below when Illustrating is clicked to select that skill it is counted as a 1 API call

When a skills category is clicked from the Related Skills category section 1 API is counted In the below example when user wants to click Software Development Methodologies to view its children it is counted as 1 API call.

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Features FAQ

Skill – Autocad
Role – Secretary
Area of Occupation – Teaching

If the skill has a parent then

  • a. In Skills API the parent can be called for
  • b. In Skills Profiler, a click on the parent shown in the breadcrumb will lead to children of that parent


Java has a parent – Programming Language

  • a. In Skills API using the Parent Search parent of Java can be obtained
  • b. In Skills Profiler, the breadcrumb shows Programming Language as parent of Java

If a skills has children then

  • a. In Skills API, the children can be called for
  • b. In Skills Profiler, “+” sign is shown on skills when the skill has children and clicking on the skills presents the children on the skill


Graphic Designing has children such as Web Designing, Logo Designing, Character Designing

  • a. In API the value has children shows 1. And when skill id is passed in children search, it fetches children of Graphic Designing
  • b. In Skills Profiler Graphic Designing shows a “+” and when Graphic Designing is clicked the children are shown

If a skill or the category of this skill has other related skills groups related to them then

  • a. In Skills API, the related skills and the children of the related skills categories can be called for
  • b. In Skills Profiler, the related skills categories show in the Related Skills categories section. Which when chosen show with their children in the Skills Section


Medical coding has related skills categories such as Medical Coding Certifications, Medical Coding Software, Areas in Medical Coding, Medical Coding Standards.

  • a. In Skills API, the related skills categories of Medical Coding can be called for by passing the id of Medical coding in the related skills search
  • b. In Skills Profiler, the related skills categories such as Medical Coding Certifications are displayed in the Related Skills Categories and when one of them is clicked the parent and the children show in the Skills Selection section

If a skill has synonym or Acronym or spelling difference

  • a. In Skills API, when Synonyms are available for a skill they are shown in the API call returned
  • b. In Skills Profiler, the search on any of them will lead to the primary skill


Dot Net Developer is same as .Net Developer and .Net Developer is primary skill and Dot Net Developer a Synonym of .Net Developer

  • a. In Skills API, the API call for .Net Developer will show it has a Synonym
  • b. In Skills Profiler, when Dot Net Developer is searched in the search box and selected, the profiler will display in the skills selection section .Net Developer as this is the primary skill